Dental Services

Your smile is of the utmost importance.  Our preventative dental techniques and services help you achieve your best smile.  We take the time to listen, evaluate your needs, and determine the best treatment options for you.  We use only the finest laboratories as our partners in creating your new smile.

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We offer the following Dental services:


Comprehensive Care and Cleanings
We treat you, the patient to care for your overall health.  Caring for your mouth impacts your entire well-being.  Dr. Bard provides comprehensive care and teeth cleanings to maximize your overall health.

Dr. Bard uses the latest technology.  She uses digital x-rays to reduce radiation exposure; and ultrasonic teeth cleaning to most effectively assure your periodontal health and reduce plaque and staining.  Preventive care also requires routine comprehensive exams including oral cancer screenings.

Family Dentistry:
At Dental Arts of Logan Square we offer comprehensive and comfortable dental care for the entire family. Every patient is provided with their own headphones and television so they can enjoy music and programming while we take care of your oral health.

We listen to our patient’s needs, discuss the plan or procedure before any work is done, and address your concerns.  Gaining your comfort and trust are our number one priority.

In addition to taking care of your general dental needs, we also offer Invisalign, the latest in non-invasive tooth straightening, and sport mouthguards and night bite guards to help eliminate jaw stress and TMJ.

Restorative Dentistry:
We treat you, the patient.  In order to help you optimize your overall health with a healthy smile, we at Dental Arts of Logan Square, treat the underlying causes of dental problems.  We offer high quality restorative dentistry including, crowns, bridges, bonding, metal free fillings, implants, and full mouth restoration.

Teeth Whitening – At Home or In Our Office:
We use the latest systems to achieve superior whitening results.  We offer a variety of gentle, and effective products to provide the whitest smile possible.

Invisalign is a virtually invisible solution to braces.  Invisalign uses a series of custom, clear removable aligners that gradually move your teeth toward the smile that you have always wanted.  And, best of all, almost no one will know that you are wearing them.

Invisible Tooth Colored Fillings
We offer the most modern and effective way to restore your teeth.  In years past, silver-mercury amalgam fillings were the only option. Now, we are able to use bonded resin to create fillings that are natural looking, and matched to your tooth shade to make them virtually invisible.

Invisible Filling - DALS

For patients needing to fill in spaces or cover deeply discolored teeth, porcelain veneers are a very natural looking and conservative option.

All-Porcelain Crowns
When a crown is the only option to restore a broken or damaged tooth, all-porcelain is much more natural looking than a metal based porcelain crown.

A conservative approach to restore teeth that have rough edges and defects, and improve overall function, comfort and esthetics.

Implant Restoration
Implants are used to fill in the spaces where teeth are missing.  After a Periodontist or Oral Surgeon places a titanium post in your mouth, we can customize and restore it just like a natural tooth.

When an implant is not an option, permanent bridges are placed to complete your smile and give you back your confidence.